R.I.P, Salinger

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J.D. Salinger died yesterday.. on my sister's birthday.. (01/27)

One of the most influential writers in my life (though I've only read Catcher)..
Brings back all the visual scenes I've created and imprinted in myself from the novel.. taking me back onto the dark, city roads.. the hazy dark atmosphere along the sidewalks, the dark subway platforms, the feeling of fading away......


Or the carousel.. with Phoebe.. the hat she let Holden keep.. as he watched her in the rain......


And it also brings me back to the high school I used to despise, the school to which I had to transfer right before junior year.. the classroom in which I received the book, and of course one of the most influential English/Literature teachers in my life.
I will never forget Ms. Hott.. nor will I ever forget Salinger (Caulfield, needless to say, is even harder to forget.. though they're not much different).

I remember typing myself a copy of the entire book years ago.. yeah I was really crazy :)
though that typed version is now lost.. I should get the hard copy sometime, definitely.




One journal entry from long ago still exists though..

mostly from The Catcher in the Rye:







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你喜欢麦田里的守望者   no offence but i feel the novel's kind of wild

Oh, it certainly is, but very real!
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你喜欢麦田里的守望者   no offence but i feel the novel's kind of wild
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i looked up Salinger's bio at wiki...
seems to be really a personality =O
HB to SR's sis (3 days late =P)...
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