Up in the sky! Perfect couple! Silver moon meets a speakling star! Harmonious as they cne the soft gleaming lights! Commitment! The inseparable pair! Until eterhity!

Never Grow Old

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≈ˇ I had a dream
≈ˇIn this dream it seems
≈ˇIt was my perfect day
≈ˇOpen my eyes
≈ˇI realize this is my perfect day
≈ˇHope you never grow old
≈ˇBirds in the sky                                                                                                                                                                              ≈ˇThey look so high
≈ˇThis is my perfect day
≈ˇI feel the breeze
≈ˇThis is my perfect day
≈ˇHope you never grow old
≈ˇForever young
≈ˇI hope you stay forever young


懵欣 の sky 引用 删除 懵欣   /   2009-07-08 08:24:41
that's amazing that  person can keep themselves young.  Nice to meet you, i am the newer here!




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